Steve Potts

Type II Fork

Regarded by many as the finest rigid fork ever built, the Type II fork is an original Charlie Cunninham design. Steve and Charlie have been lifelong friends and have worked together on many projects that helped shape what mountain biking is today. The Type II has undergone a few updates that make it even more desirable than before. It now is offered with suspension adjusted geometry (leg length) and disc brake compatibility.

There are many schools of thought regarding mountain bike forks: How much travel? Suspension or rigid? Spring or oil? Lock-out or not? Like most Marin County residents, Steve knows the terrain can be unforgiving, and a suspension fork can take the edge off a longer ride. But it was Charlie's Type II fork that created a cult following among rigid riders back in the day when suspension forks were in their infancy, and the Type II fork is attracting devoted rigid off-road riders today. The proprietary fork crown and blade-to-tip taper provides a ride so smooth and lively, you'll forgot just what it is a suspension fork is meant to do. The Type II fork certainly looks old-school in this day and age of motocross-looking suspension forks, but the ride proves otherwise. Ask Steve to build his signature fork for your Potts 29er, or consider having him build a replacement for an existing bike in your stable. There'll be no regrets.

Don't worry all you old schoolers, the Type II is still available in a 1-inch threaded steerer with roller cam studs and extra wide spacing.

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