Steve Potts Steve Potts has been called one of the best bicycle frame builders of the past 30 years. In fact, Steve is the only one of the original mountain bike pioneering Repack group of the late 1970s who still builds his own framesets. His refinement of steel and titanium tubing is legendary, as is evident by the collectors willing to pay thousands for a classic Steve Potts bicycle on eBay. Steve himself is a product of Marin County, California, birthplace of the modern mountain bike and the epicenter for innovation for nearly 20 years.

Today, Steve crafts his signature road, cyclocross and mountain frames from grade-select titanium in his meticulous shop in Point Reyes, California. Many old-schoolers may recall Point Reyes Bicycles, one of the first mountain bike specific shops in the country, and seller of many Steve Potts originals. Marshall Livingston, former owner of Point Reyes Bicycles, still lives in Point Reyes and can be seen most days traversing the outlying roads on his new Steve Potts titanium cross bike, bridging the gap of time itself. Point Reyes is a bicyclist's ideal destination with its cafes, restaurants and magnificent vistas. It's also a perfect turnaround point for those riding in from San Francisco. Steve is proud to be a contributing member of the Point Reyes community.

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